Sunday, 1 November 2009

Dale Earnhardt Sr & Bill France Sr Turing Over In There Graves

Dale Sr once said this about Bill Sr after a restricter plate race saying that was a bunch of sorry A&& racing. After todays race with NASCAR giving a strong warning about no bump drafting in the turns will be allowed. It was some sorry A&& racing.

This is like sending 43 four and five year old kids in a toy store and telling them they are stuck in this store for 3 hours and can't pick up one toy the hole time.

Biffle and Joey where bump drafting long in to the turns at the start and they did not get there hands slapped for doing so,, I think I counted the booth saying NASCAR gave all the teams 3 warnings during the race.

Now from the cameras of the replay on the first little big one that sent Ryan Newman flipping over may have been caused by this rule as they have said some cars where running in to others because of the front drivers having to check up to stay off the bumper going in to a turn and it causing accordion effect.

Now I thought this was a good thing when I saw cars running out of gas after the red flag was lifted, till the last lap and many crashed cause many of them would have been going and ran out of gas in the front causing a really big one if this did not happen.

How is this not a safty factor and when NASCAR knows some drivers didn't have enought gas and are running up front? On the super speedways NASCAR should be on top of this and step in by saying if you cause a reck because of running out of fuel you are banned from racing for a few races. I know on other tracks it's not a big deal but on the super speedways a mistake by another driver can be bad for many rather then a few.

Newman seem not happy about how long it took for them to get him out of the car, I have to agree that the recker should have been there sooner getting the car strapped up, so when they got the all clear they could have started to life the car.

I have been doing some research on how far back the cars have been getting air born and I am close but waiting to talk to a flight engineer on a few things. I am not convinced that its all down to the rear wing like some have said and I think the booth said in this race. Roof flaps did open but like other times they open as well and the car still got up in the air.

I am lost for words knowing the past champion that represents NASCAR and is on is way to another stayed in the back till the very end to race like champions before him and this chase formatt to just be given spots has other drivers that came to race hard the hole race ran out of gas. This is a joke to all fans and yes even the 48 fans if you know stock car racing from the roots up.

He would still have the lead if he had gotten in to trouble, but then he would have to really race hard for the next few races and worrie about the other drivers. NASCAR seems happy to keep him as champion. Now he will go out strong in the next few races to win cause of his big points lead and ESPN who love the 48 team will say he is earnning it.

I know why he did it, but I don't agree with it. Dale Jr took him self out of a championship by trying to go for the win and got taken out by his own mistake cutting up high on a car. They said why didn't you just take a top five. He said I thought I had the car that could win the race and wanted to win the race. Thats why I follow Dale Jr cause he risked a championship to win a race.

NASCAR has lost the meaning of racing and in doing so they have lost the fans from the tracks and even watching it on TV and IT'S NOT DOWN TO A RECESSION!


  1. Now they must have driven by the reck under caution for one lap before the red flag?? If not why where cars aloud to pit one being the 48 team or was it that he got his gas and was ok to go to the end so drop the red

    The booth said they red flag it cause of stuff on the track......Oh well..

  2. Untill NASCAR stops changing the out come of the races, there will be more fans leaving the sport.

  3. Oh yes, there needs to be more scruntiny in the inspections on the car #48. Hard to believe that car is equal to the rest of the field.