Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Frame by Frame NASCAR Loudon Race

I know it's been a while for me to post one but the past races nothing big was debated after the race like this past week has. No passing to the right at all on every restart and even Jimmie Johnson was warned of this in the first race we had double file and he was only out of line at the time.

Now on to the big one and some say Kyle Busch is at fault cause he hit Truex Jr sending him into a spin and some say it's Truex Jr fault for getting into the back of Dale making him spin his tires and this made Truex check up etc etc.

Now my take is on this is Kurt Busch and Jeff Gordon have been playing with each other on restarts and Jeff getting the better of Kurt each time. It happen again and Jeff took off and Kurt didn't. Dale Jr had to back off at one point just before they started and Truex got in the back of him making Dale Jr spin his tires. Kyle Busch did get into the back of Truex as well to give him the push.

Kyle and Truex both back off and then got going. Dale Jr looks like he knew he was about to get run over and better head to the inside and get out of the way. Truex started as well but not as much as Dale did. Kyle trys to squeeze by Truex when there was no room to even try it cause the out side lane was moving faster. Kyle made contact with another car before Truex Jr and no one has said a thing. I will give you a hint they both got in to it last year at the same race?

Rubbing up againts Montoya pushes Kyle's car tords Truex's right rear side bumper making him spin out. Truex's car is going straight not tords the inside wall like Kyle Petty and Wally Dallenback stated. During this frame by frame is when Wally say's Kyle thinks he has room to pass as if it is ok to try it and not his fault. If you think so then you are a Kyle Busch hater cause Kyle Petty said so. LMAO

I have stated before that Kyle Busch is one of the best at driving the COT with out taking all the risk of passing like he has before. This is not the first time he has knock someone off up front and when the pay back comes it just might be during the chase when Kyle can't afford to have it happen.

Now from the front camera frames.

No passing to the right before the start / finish line.

Lets get a little closer shall we.

Now did Kyle spin Turex Jr? The frames don't lie. Yes. Now was Kyle the cause of the big one? I will let you think about that,.. It's too late time is up and it's no he did not cause the big one. Who had the sponsor of the race on his hood is the one.

My take is Truex Jr would have spun tords the inside wall and where he would have hit it with out any help from another car we don't know how much he would have bounce back from hitting it but the car might not have bounce far enought back to hit anyone.

I put the blame on Jeff Burton for the big one cause he try's to dart down at full speed and ends up crashing & pushing Truex farther down the wall. Jeff was behind Carl Edwards with David Reutimann in front of Carl and David slowed up and missed hitting Truex and Carl got lucky and drove threw it. I did a red line on frames 3 and 6 where I think he would have hit give a few inches here and there.lol

In the end the push from Jeff keeps Truex Jr heading tords the turn and back up in to the others.

Thats how I see it and many will disagree and thats ok by me.