Monday, 12 October 2009

SYMT Fontana Chase Race 4

I guess are leader CR Racing #11 for all of the chase jinx him self when he said he was worried about having the pole spot for this race. For the first half it look like he was wrong, till a restart and he came down on Gunaquat# 42 who could not give him any room due to Speedbeagle #48 bump draffing him.

(( I never saw so much drama in a race when a pit crew did a 13 second pit stop,, Oh, wait it was the 48 team. )) LMAO

Sorry back to the SYMT, HotfootLori # 16 look great at the start but fell back but still held the top spot for the red team. Storkjrc #5 and Klvalus #24 got things going when the sun came out and moved up at a chance for the win. It might have been from the smell of french fries coming from the leader of the race.

Congrads to are winner SpeedBeagle,


Now this shook up the points and the one blue team mate that has given away the most points has seen him drop from 1st to 4th in the points and if he held on to his points he would still be in the lead. I would like to say to CR Racing I hope the best for you in the last race and would take you as a team mate any day.


All I know is if I get FRONT ROW JOE for a 3rd time in a row you will hear me scream from across the pond. lol

SpeedBeagle has said she would host the last race so its due or die in a tight chase points race and she will be the one telling us at what point of the grid we are reversering cause this is a reversing grid. 14 to first,,, or 43 to 29???

Cheers to all and good luck..