Wednesday, 11 November 2009

NASCAR FxF Is Back! Talladega & Texas

Thats right it's back and we got wall to wall frames. First up we back up to the Talladega race where I feel it came down to the new rule that got Ryan plowing into his boss Tony into the wall, and Ryan not happy on how rescue crew got him out.

From the top frames we will see the high groove have a bigger line of cars headding to the turn. 11 cars back to Tony. Max and I think it is Reed Sorenson back off from Clint. Just before this Tony is behind Reed not touching him and ahead of Ryan with the same gap. In this frame of 4 together you can see the gap and also see Robby bump drafting Ambrose up to Ryan, it is where you see 3 wide racing.


The next one you will see Max start to lift off of Clint and at the same time Tony is about to get ramed ,, not pushed,, but ramed as well as Ryan got from behind. I pointed the gap out on Max & Clint, and you can see now that behind them they are glued together.


Next you see it alittle better and this is when Tony heads tords wall and Ryan heads to the infield. Ambrose got such a push from Robby that Ambrose's hood buckles up when he hits Ryan. Now that was what the rought driving rule was put in place at Talladega , No fault of Ambrose and Robby cause they where in the section too bump draft and being up againts the wall they had know options but go forward.


The new rule made it that the first few cars in a line would start to lift when the rest would still be bump drafting on the stright away. I will had what HANAHAN said as well that Carl Edwards crash was not caused by bump drafting in the tunrs but BLOCKING was.

Last years big crash was because of bump drafting in the turns because again Carl Edwards sat in the back the hole race and had not pratice the hole race bump drafting with someone in the turns and comes up and bump drafts Greg Biffle but was not line up even with his bumper causing him to spin and the big one.

(( Media Commercial )) Part one

NASCAR,NASCAR COT,Ask_Forensic2 Frame by Frame

Part 2

NASCAR,Ask_Forensic2 Frame by Frame

Now on to this past week at Texas,, We all know what happen on the 3rd lap because ESPN would not let you forget, That had to be the most replayed crash in a race. I loved Jerry saying coming back from commercial,, In case your just tunning in, the big story is the 48 team. Yes ESPN & NASCAR more and more fans are tunning in near the end of the races when it counts like your champion that represents did last race.


Now on to pit frames and Jimmie's window net is down from the very start, but Chad has a plan to make sure his driver is left alone.


Who do we see in the back ground from the start licking his chops to be the first to talk to Jimmie?


Now some extras we see a few things.


Some more,,


What ESPN didn't tell you like they kept saying how the 24 & 88 team helped the 48 team in the garage.


Lets get back to the racing, I mean we had other drivers racing and leading the race as well.



Not sure enought yet?


Ok I showed why or why not they didn't talk to Jimmie in the car, sorry Hanahan I could not find any of him not in his car to back you. I can show why we didn't see a late caution flag for fake debri, cause they had one much sooner and the one time ESPN was not suppost to show it they did.

I can not see this being a car part but maybe someones lunch,,


Now on close up you can see when he picks it up and closes his hand it makes a up side down V as if it is soft, Maybe Jeff Gordon has a secreat flap to drop his tunafish,chicken sandwhich or rap when he needs a caution? You decide what it is but it is in plastic rap as well. I know what Gene will say it was on of them darn Jr nation throwing stuff over cause they didn't lke watching Kyle lead for so many laps.


Thats it for me,, hope you all had a great and safe weekend,, OH YEAH,, Kristen you have to go horse ridding again this Sunday and CR you can not watch so go golfing one more time,, just think its for the better of NASCAR that you do this. We will all owe you big time. lol

Now for all Jimmie Johnson fans,? Do we have any in the group? If so I will say sorry for picking on him but I pick on all and show no biased to any of them, even Mr Dale (( I should have gone to Specsavers )) Earnhardt Jr.


Sunday, 1 November 2009

Dale Earnhardt Sr & Bill France Sr Turing Over In There Graves

Dale Sr once said this about Bill Sr after a restricter plate race saying that was a bunch of sorry A&& racing. After todays race with NASCAR giving a strong warning about no bump drafting in the turns will be allowed. It was some sorry A&& racing.

This is like sending 43 four and five year old kids in a toy store and telling them they are stuck in this store for 3 hours and can't pick up one toy the hole time.

Biffle and Joey where bump drafting long in to the turns at the start and they did not get there hands slapped for doing so,, I think I counted the booth saying NASCAR gave all the teams 3 warnings during the race.

Now from the cameras of the replay on the first little big one that sent Ryan Newman flipping over may have been caused by this rule as they have said some cars where running in to others because of the front drivers having to check up to stay off the bumper going in to a turn and it causing accordion effect.

Now I thought this was a good thing when I saw cars running out of gas after the red flag was lifted, till the last lap and many crashed cause many of them would have been going and ran out of gas in the front causing a really big one if this did not happen.

How is this not a safty factor and when NASCAR knows some drivers didn't have enought gas and are running up front? On the super speedways NASCAR should be on top of this and step in by saying if you cause a reck because of running out of fuel you are banned from racing for a few races. I know on other tracks it's not a big deal but on the super speedways a mistake by another driver can be bad for many rather then a few.

Newman seem not happy about how long it took for them to get him out of the car, I have to agree that the recker should have been there sooner getting the car strapped up, so when they got the all clear they could have started to life the car.

I have been doing some research on how far back the cars have been getting air born and I am close but waiting to talk to a flight engineer on a few things. I am not convinced that its all down to the rear wing like some have said and I think the booth said in this race. Roof flaps did open but like other times they open as well and the car still got up in the air.

I am lost for words knowing the past champion that represents NASCAR and is on is way to another stayed in the back till the very end to race like champions before him and this chase formatt to just be given spots has other drivers that came to race hard the hole race ran out of gas. This is a joke to all fans and yes even the 48 fans if you know stock car racing from the roots up.

He would still have the lead if he had gotten in to trouble, but then he would have to really race hard for the next few races and worrie about the other drivers. NASCAR seems happy to keep him as champion. Now he will go out strong in the next few races to win cause of his big points lead and ESPN who love the 48 team will say he is earnning it.

I know why he did it, but I don't agree with it. Dale Jr took him self out of a championship by trying to go for the win and got taken out by his own mistake cutting up high on a car. They said why didn't you just take a top five. He said I thought I had the car that could win the race and wanted to win the race. Thats why I follow Dale Jr cause he risked a championship to win a race.

NASCAR has lost the meaning of racing and in doing so they have lost the fans from the tracks and even watching it on TV and IT'S NOT DOWN TO A RECESSION!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

SYMT Chase Final Results & Awards

Well we had a close chase race and it came down to the last race to get a champion for driver and team. I waited in hope they would find some thing wrong with the 48 car cause he was so much faster on take offs and all around better.

I guess NASCAR didn't look close So that gave me the win,


On to the Chase champion who made a strong come back to take it from CR Racing and that was SpeedBeagle her self, Both drivers gave up points to help out felow team mates during the chase. Congrads to SpeedBeagle,,


This is how we endded up in points.


The blue team just had a better chase then the red team and that means the team winners is the blue team.


We have a few awards to give out, first off is rookie of the year and it was a tight race as well but it was Storkjrc in the end over Aero13 & Jack.


Most improved could have gone to many as well but I guess it counts in the end and CR Racing came up with the goods when it counted to make a very strong chase.


Now on to the worst grid luck award and I know many will say it was you, lol,, but this season it has to go to Gerrel with hope if she is in next season she has many wins to make up for this season.


Its been fun and I would like to thank you all for giving up your time to follow along with this years season,, too bad we had to move due to Fox really taking some thing great and turning it up side down cause we lose a few.

Here is to all to have a great and safe holidays. I hope to get back into blogging my self again on NASCAR,, and GGW Racing,, With that I say head on down to Frothy's cause the first few rounds are on me,
CHEERS!!!! & God Bless..

Monday, 12 October 2009

SYMT Fontana Chase Race 4

I guess are leader CR Racing #11 for all of the chase jinx him self when he said he was worried about having the pole spot for this race. For the first half it look like he was wrong, till a restart and he came down on Gunaquat# 42 who could not give him any room due to Speedbeagle #48 bump draffing him.

(( I never saw so much drama in a race when a pit crew did a 13 second pit stop,, Oh, wait it was the 48 team. )) LMAO

Sorry back to the SYMT, HotfootLori # 16 look great at the start but fell back but still held the top spot for the red team. Storkjrc #5 and Klvalus #24 got things going when the sun came out and moved up at a chance for the win. It might have been from the smell of french fries coming from the leader of the race.

Congrads to are winner SpeedBeagle,


Now this shook up the points and the one blue team mate that has given away the most points has seen him drop from 1st to 4th in the points and if he held on to his points he would still be in the lead. I would like to say to CR Racing I hope the best for you in the last race and would take you as a team mate any day.


All I know is if I get FRONT ROW JOE for a 3rd time in a row you will hear me scream from across the pond. lol

SpeedBeagle has said she would host the last race so its due or die in a tight chase points race and she will be the one telling us at what point of the grid we are reversering cause this is a reversing grid. 14 to first,,, or 43 to 29???

Cheers to all and good luck..

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

SYMT Chase Race 3 Kansas Results

Well a big shake up in the points with some staying on top and some dropping way down. The blue team seem to be taking over the top spots with 4 drivers in the top 7 but also have a driver at the bottom with 2 races to go. This weeks winner was Aero13 & Jack moving them up the list. Congrads to Aero13 & Jack on the win.


Here is how we stand in the points with CR Racing showing he was pulling a Jimmie Johnson & Chad during the season and now is showing his cards. Volfan69 had a big jump up last week and this week a big drop. HotfootLori is carring the red team of hope sticking in the second place waiting for CR to have some trouble with no help in sight.


Gunaquat said he would do one this week and next week SpeedBeagle will finish us off,, Thats it for me short and sweet this week. Cheers

Friday, 2 October 2009

SYMT Chase Race 3

This was suppost to be on racing and it is but not so much NASCAR but are own racing we do. The world of facebook as taken a few of us from NASCAR during the week and I guess the weekends as well when the races are not on. You all know me seeing all the games and things to send to your friends has had me thinking,,I know thats Photogr/Larry's

I have been busy digging threw my GGW Racing & SYMT files with pictures from the past 2 and half years to come up with a fun game for us to play on there and here as well during the winter months to keep us going and in touch with one another as much as time lets during the busy holidays. I guess for now I will make it for on here as we have more on here to join in as many are not on facebook.

Items so far to collect.
1. Racing suits - in different colors and points/cost


2. Helmets - in different colors and points/cost
3. Racing Gloves - same as above
4. Tires - From 1 or sets of BadYear,GoodYear,Scuffs,Hoosier, Points/cost

5. Racing Cars, We have the Outlaw Sprints, Late Models, Mods, and COT CUP we used and made some and need to finish others for new drivers like CR Racing, Storkjrc,Aero13 rookies this year etc.


6. Need to do pit crews - points /cost
7. Need to do crew chiefs - points/cost


Need help on tracks to use for the sprints pave or dirt?


Now what else can we use for each driver to build up to race or is this enought? Maybe put some bad bonuses picks in like MW funny fuel to lose points when someone gets to far.?.lol Dale Jr's wing mounts, Kyle Busch broken front spring what else?

I will have to be the store and do a one pick for each of you and what you have bought on the pick to show what you got for others to see. More on this as the season wines down but most likely look like this of Photogr sprint.


Now on to this weeks grid and I am keeping with Speedbeagle on revers as I did state I would on grid but I am not going to go as hard as her.. INSTEAD IT WILL ONLY BE THE TOP 14 IN REVERS, SO WITH THAT THIS IS THE GRID for chase race 3.

1,5, - Mark Martin - Tezgm99

2,88, - Dale Jr - Photogr

3,25, -Brad Keselowski - Klvalus

4,26, Jamie Mac - Tsfanpc

5,14, - Tony Stewart - Aero13 & Jack

6,9, - Kasey Kahne - Moseby

7, 87, - Joe Nemecheck - Forensic2

8,33, - Clint Bowyer - Storkjrc

9,24, - Jeff Gordon - Speedbeagle

10,82, - Scott Speed - Hanahan

11,48, - Jimmie Johnson - Gunaquat

12,83, - Brian Vickers - Volfan69

13,00, - David Reut - HotfootLori

14,42, - Juan Montoya - CR Racing

Thats it for me on this SYMT Chase Race

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Updated ! SYMT Chase Dover Results

After post race inspection we have found that Volfan69 had too many banana peals in her race car and not of her doing, so we are looking into who could have been the one to do so,,,? With this we need to state the real winner and new points have been updated.

Congrads to CR Racing on three in a row. Sorry Bro,,bad math :(


My bad for not posting the grid for this last weeks race but it was this.
1.CR Racing - 144 - Jimmie J - 195 = 339
2. HotfootLori - 140 - Montoya - 160
3. Volfan69 - 128 - Newman - 139
4. SpeedBeagle - 100 - Biffle - 124
5. Forensic2 - 100 - Reutimann - 100
6. Hanahan - 100 - Khane - 142
7. Gunaquat - 100 - Jeff G - 150
8. Storkjrc - 94 - Clint - 118
9. Tsfanpc - 88 - Sam Hornish - 85
10. Moseby - 83 - Paul M - 106
11. Tez - 66 - Joey L -37
12. Aero13 - 65 - Vickers - 109
13. Photogr - 51 - Denny H - 97
14. Klvalus - 0 - Mark M - 170

I guess it pays to give then take as Klvalus gave up all her points by splitting them with HotfootLori and F-2. Then gets a second place finish worth 170 to move out of the celler.

On the team thing is you want to help get as many in the top 7. The more team mates the better and if not all in then make sure you don't have one in the celler/last place.

Maybe something I will use next year during the season as well? This is how we stand and again leave in a comment if you want to help another team mate get a better grid draw for this weeks race. I will host this weeks race and then Gunaquat has one.


Thats it for me.. Cheers2All

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

SYMT Chase Loudon Results

NASCAR,Ask_Forensic2 NASCAR,forensic2,GGW Racing,SYMT

We had a first chase race with SpeedBeagle hosting it and came up with the grid was fantastic being based on having the one bad race and could you recover from that. Sticking with that we had the reverse grid and for some it hurt big time in points and cost someone a win.

I think we had only one race winner from season who didn't take the checker flag and with the reveres grid it was likey we would again and we did. Elliott Sadler came across the line in 8th place giving CR Racing back to back wins and a nice start to the chase.


Now on the other hand of this was if we kept it the same grid as normal he would have only gained three more places by having Kyle Busch 155 points instead of 142 with Sadler. Tezgm99 got hurt in points if he had Montoya 175 in points to endding up with 36 points. Photogr missed out on a win plus 190 in points to endding up with 46 points. Klvalus would have had Bobby Labonte who did all right with 102 points instead of her getting 34 just to name a few that where at both ends of the grid.

The first points standing is what you got in this race plus those who had bonus points so they differ from above points stated. Plus I came up with a fun thing to add to this chase is I team us up as we fell in order from the race results as the BLUE TEAM and the RED TEAM. You have team mates now and if you would like to help out a team mate by giving some of your points you may during the week BEFORE THE NEXT RACE.

Yes each driver wants to win the championship but can he do so and help his team win the team chase as well. Here is how it stands now.

Forensic2 Ask_Forensic2,forensic2,GGW Racing,NASCAR

Now on the next one I gave 5 points to Klvalus from my score to help her out. My score has drop and I should be 5th and is a typo in the grid. If you want to help out a team mate or all that is up to you and leave it in a comment as to who and how many points. Friday afternoon around 7:00 my time to give everyone a chance to help out team mates & I will reset the grid for that race on who got any points.


Next week grid for Tsfanpc will be normal from pole to 14th,, the following week on my week it's reveres again and then back to normal and so on. Gunaquat said he would do one race and others can if they want as well. This is a 4 week chase unless anyone else wants to host a race and can be on anything about a chase driver or chase race track.

Thats its,, Let's go chase racing !!!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

SYMT CHASE 2009 Points

Well we had another great All Star Race and are winner to pick up 10 bonus points tords the chase is CR Racing, Congrads to CR Racing.


This is who said they wanted to be in and if anyone wants in then hurry up and get your name posted in the comment section and you will be added in. Season wins are 10 points and championship is another 10.

This is how we stand to start the chase.

1. Tezgm99 with 30 = points for 2 wins plus season champion
2. Storkjrc with 30 = points 3 wins.
3. Forensic2 with 20 - points 2wins
4. Speedbeagle with 10 = 1 win, + higher finish
5. Klvalus with 10 = 1 win
6. CR Racing with 10 = 1 win
7. Aero13 with 0 = finish higher.
8. Tsfanpc with 0 = as above
9. Hanahan with 0 = as above
10. HotfootLori with 0 = as above
11. Volfan69 with 0 = lowest seed.

Now some might think it is a good thing being on top but Speedbeagle has some thing to say about that as she will be hosting the first race and doing the grid for this race.

The following weeks host will be Tsfanpc and I will be doing one after that and if anyone wants to host a race that will be fine. Host a race can be on another driver like during the season or on a championship winning driver as well. Just let me know if you want to host a race and I will fill you in to what week.

Cheers to all and lets go chase racing even if most of us don't like it. lol

Monday, 7 September 2009

NASCAR SYMT Atlanta Results

We had the top 5 all in the hunt for the championship at the drop of the green flag but as the night got darker it only kept getting brighter for one driver as the others started to have problems and if ( Been there done that before ) counts then it should be no surprise who won this years season championship.

Lets get to are winner for this race first. He had been in the celler for most of the season till a few weeks ago when he won. He saved his best for the end going into the chase. Are winner for race 20 and congrads go out to Frevr3fan with another win to his total.


Talking with Tezgm99 Vickers before the race he had this to say, Truex Outlaw Jr will be strong at first but will drop back. Storkjrc Edwards will come to a sudden stop once the teeth of a famous beagle clamp down. Joker Ragan will be so happy on a great save will for get about winning the race.

That just leaves me Speedbeagle Ambrose to worrie about winning and I will be smilling if that happens or not. :)

Congrads to are defending champion on back to back championships.


The final standings are as follows.


Now on to the chase and with some not around I am asking who wants to be in the chase and leave a comment so I know who is in. SpeedBeagle has come up with how the grid will go for the first race of the chase in NH and those who where near the bottom might just get a better

Tsfanpc, Gunaquat will host a race and Speedbeagle will have the first one and some others have said they might want too as well. so lets just get who is in first. This weeks race at Ricmond those who are in can pick your driver you want for this race and is another SYMT Allstar Race.

Again I need to know if you want tobe in the chase and leave the drivers name you want for this weeks race at Richmond for the SYMT Allstar Race 2.

Thanks and hope you all had a great 4 day weekend.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

NASCAR (SYMT) Bristol Results

Don't know what happen to YeeMum and can't find LeCrab on Fox. Anyway I will take it to the end with Atlanta being the last race for the season championship. SpeedBeagle has a neat idea for us to have a chase and we have at least 4 races with SpeedBeagle,Tsfanpc,SoCa24fan and I will do one to give us 4 races.

The Bristol race results see us having a rookie showing he can win on the Super Speedways, flat miles, and in the bull ring and nows stands a lone with having 3 wins this season and doing it with his favorite driver. Congrads to Storkjrc on his 3rd win in memeroy of Sgt. Kevin D Grieco.


He now takes over the lead again and it has come down to the last race with the top 5 in points.

Le/Crabe is 14 points back
Tezgm99 is 36 points back
SpeedBeagle is 114 points back
Jokerswild is 144 points back
Sorry Klvalus with a win and +10 for 190 and Storkjrc to get Dave Blaney and getting 34 points you miss it by one.


The grid for Atlanta is as follows.


This week I am going with one of my NFL teams.


Thats it from here. Cheers2All