Monday, 7 September 2009

NASCAR SYMT Atlanta Results

We had the top 5 all in the hunt for the championship at the drop of the green flag but as the night got darker it only kept getting brighter for one driver as the others started to have problems and if ( Been there done that before ) counts then it should be no surprise who won this years season championship.

Lets get to are winner for this race first. He had been in the celler for most of the season till a few weeks ago when he won. He saved his best for the end going into the chase. Are winner for race 20 and congrads go out to Frevr3fan with another win to his total.


Talking with Tezgm99 Vickers before the race he had this to say, Truex Outlaw Jr will be strong at first but will drop back. Storkjrc Edwards will come to a sudden stop once the teeth of a famous beagle clamp down. Joker Ragan will be so happy on a great save will for get about winning the race.

That just leaves me Speedbeagle Ambrose to worrie about winning and I will be smilling if that happens or not. :)

Congrads to are defending champion on back to back championships.


The final standings are as follows.


Now on to the chase and with some not around I am asking who wants to be in the chase and leave a comment so I know who is in. SpeedBeagle has come up with how the grid will go for the first race of the chase in NH and those who where near the bottom might just get a better

Tsfanpc, Gunaquat will host a race and Speedbeagle will have the first one and some others have said they might want too as well. so lets just get who is in first. This weeks race at Ricmond those who are in can pick your driver you want for this race and is another SYMT Allstar Race.

Again I need to know if you want tobe in the chase and leave the drivers name you want for this weeks race at Richmond for the SYMT Allstar Race 2.

Thanks and hope you all had a great 4 day weekend.