Wednesday, 7 October 2009

SYMT Chase Race 3 Kansas Results

Well a big shake up in the points with some staying on top and some dropping way down. The blue team seem to be taking over the top spots with 4 drivers in the top 7 but also have a driver at the bottom with 2 races to go. This weeks winner was Aero13 & Jack moving them up the list. Congrads to Aero13 & Jack on the win.


Here is how we stand in the points with CR Racing showing he was pulling a Jimmie Johnson & Chad during the season and now is showing his cards. Volfan69 had a big jump up last week and this week a big drop. HotfootLori is carring the red team of hope sticking in the second place waiting for CR to have some trouble with no help in sight.


Gunaquat said he would do one this week and next week SpeedBeagle will finish us off,, Thats it for me short and sweet this week. Cheers